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Do you struggle with a picky eater?

Here is a link to a website that promotes a cookbook designed to hide healthy foods in other foods that a child is more likely to accept:





Below is a link to The Picky Eater Project by Melissa D'Arrabian of the Food Network:



Not sure what to feed your kids at different ages?   

Then welcome to KidsEatRight.org!


Help your child grow healthy with science-based health and nutrition information, backed by the expertise of nutrition professionals.  Click here for an easy link.


How much food does my child need?


Nutritional needs vary based upon age and activity.  Find out more about how much ENERGY IN your child needs.

Click here for more information.  And click here for portion sizes.

How much activity does my child need?


Find out more about how much ENERGY OUT your child needs.

Click here for more information.


Last modified: Monday February 16, 2015